How Can Square Dancing Benefit You?

Square Dancing Gets Your Body, Mind, and Spirit in Rhythm. Receive Mental Stimulation – Sharpen Mental Recall. Rejoice in the Thrill of Accomplishment.

It Provides a Fun Exercise With No Competition Involved.
People of all ages benefit from physical activity, but it doesn’t have to be strenuous.  One evening per week  of square dancing meets all the criteria for a healthy body and mind.  You receive the same benefits of a sporting event without the agony of defeat.  Square dancing is a super fun way to stay mentally and physically active in an environment where there is no smoking or drinking.  Exercise is good, but it all seems like such hard work.  Square Dancing is an exercise that is fun but doesn’t feel like hard work.  This physical effort results in dancers outliving the average person by as much as ten years!  Of course, there are many alternate healthful activities, notably brisk walks, working out at the gym, bicycling, swimming, etc.  But after a few months, most find those routines become boring and difficult to stick to.  Contrast that with a couple of hours of square dancing, which fly by with calories burned comparable to a 3-mile run.  And it’s so much fun, you can’t wait to come back for more!

It Provides an Opportunity to Meet New People.
Square dancing brings people together forming a common bond with each other.  The benefits of square dancing are at work from the moment the music starts and hands are joined to form a circle.  Square dancing provides an atmosphere for people of all ages to interact with each other.