Square Dancing

What is Square Dancing?

Square Dancing is Fun, Fitness, & Friendship.          *** Check out this VIDEO***
Square dancing is movement to music.  It is done with groups of four couples in your square.  It is not a spectator sport.  It is for the active in heart and mind.  Square dancing is a mental and physical challenge.  It is dancing and it is thinking.  You can’t do it alone.  The goal is to work with the others in your square.
An experienced “Caller” teaches you the moves and the names of the calls that you dance.  You practice these moves until they feel as natural as walking.  Then your caller combines the basic moves and steps into whole dance patterns.  You (and the others in your square) simply follow the calls.  Each arm turn brings a surprise, and as the pattern concludes, all the moves bring you back to your partner.  The combination of dance figures is almost endless, so you’ll never be bored with what is sure to become your favorite pastime.

No Experience Necessary.
New dancer lessons are sponsored by nearly all of the 40 some clubs in the North Texas area.  Your caller teaches you from the ground floor up, and you will feel a warm sense of accomplishment as you learn to perform the various moves.  You will be active and dancing at every lesson!

While you are Learning:
Your caller will make sure that everyone is fully engaged – and having fun – right out of the gate.  A wide variety of music is used, and the evening will seem way too short after just two hours of dancing.
Square dancing is unlike other forms of social dance, because each time you square up, the dance will be different.  There will be different people in yur square.  You know the steps, but you don’t know how the caller will put them together.  Each dance is unique.  This element of surprise keeps people alert and on their toes; they forget their everyday worries as they focus on the task at hand: that of keeping up with the caller.  The fun of the experience takes over and they feel great.

A Note for the Men.
The square dance caller is responsible for the choreography.  You’re not on your own trying to figure out what to do.  You and everyone else simply follow the calls.  There’s no guesswork, or question about making up moves, or whether your partner can follow your lead.  So there’s no worry.  Everyone just has a great time moving to the calls and dancing to the beat of the music.