Planting a seed

Last Friday Night, October 10th, Jan and I had the pleasure of calling a square dance party for Hunters Glen Baptist Church. This was for their young married adult’s class and we had three full squares participating. They cooked hot dogs and burgers on the grill for a pre-dance meal and they hired baby sitters for the kiddos. In addition to the basic allemande left, dosado., right & left grand and promenade, they learned right & left through, square through four, star through and stars, etc. We ended with Amarillo by Morning and big “THANK YOU”.  John and Gina Nichols of Rebel Rousers came as angels – they attend church there. We handed out lesson flyers for Rebel Rousers as the club provided them to me.

I received the following email from Sara – she coordinated the event:

 Thank you Richard!  That was so much fun.  My husband even said to me on the way home, “That was a blast!”  I am so glad almost everyone participated and everyone seemed to have fun.

We hope that we planted a few seeds for future square dancers.

Richard Covington